LAMPS is a web and mobile technologies based modular solutions platform to plan and manage enterprise wide operations for manufacturing and supply-chain companies.

LAMPS are designed to help planners improving efficiency of operations while optimizing costs. Proper application of its operations planning functionalities help planners eliminate 'surprises' by optimizing both long and near-term plans, such as improving cash-flow by right-sizing inventory and stocking policies, and reducing manufacturing cost by optimizing operations policies. Its optimization based execution functionalities reduce cost and improve efficiencies, e.g. reduce distribution cost by optimizing order sourcing and carrier selection. LAMPS consists for a number of modules from demand origination till delivery to customers. The platform has the capabilities to integrate and assimilate data from shop-floor machines to business planning functions as needed. A list of modules is shown below -


A web based platform for enterprise wide operations planning for field services organization to manage field service representatives

SPS helps field service organizations plan for resource deployment to meet their service commitments. Its functionalities provide an organization to be able to forecast demand for services for each geographical area and then create a schedule for the field personnel to service the demand.

The service demand may originate from in-coming new customers and/or from existing customers with varying types of service requirements. To service the demand, planning must be done to ensure service personnel of correct skill can be made available at the customer site to execute the service. This process requires understanding and visibility of the demand, planning for the services and scheduling of personnel to execute the tasks. The SPS system addresses the planning and scheduling aspects of this supply-chain.


  • Collaborative Forecasting
  • Capacity Planning
  • Material requirements Planning
  • Bill of Material Recipe Optimization
  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Inventory Targets
  • Networks Design
  • Procurement Sourcing optimization


  • Demand Planning
  • Inventory Visibility Management
  • Line Scheduling
  • Labor Scheduling
  • Contracts and Pricing
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Sales order Management
  • Stock Transfer Planning
  • Available-To-Promise
  • Freight and Carrier Optimization
  • Shipment Management
  • Claims
  • Quality
  • Integration with Internet of Things-RFID,GPS,Bluetooth
  • Supplier and Carrier Communication
  • Supply-chain Tracking and Visibility
  • Shop-Floor Data Integration and Internet of Things
  • Embedded Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics and Dashboard


LAMPS is a web and mobile technologies based modular solutions platform to optimize planning and managing enterprise-wide operations for manufacturing & supply-chain companies.

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Plant Information System

Collect, visualize & analyze real-time data from sensors and machine controllers.

Reduce costs and improve ship-floor efficiencies:

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A web-based platform that automatically addresses all aspects of the service

  • Supply chain planning

  • Scheduling

  • Customer Notifications

  • Routing

  • Tracking

  • Task completion

  • Auto schedules routing for deliveries & pick-ups

  • servicemen & reps

  • Improves Customer Satisfaction by empowering customers with auto arrival alerts & GPS tracking

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SPS Tracker

Track personnel, assets and vehicles on a smart phone in real-time and provide location status alerts.

Businesses and organizations can track its employees, associates, and vehicles in real-time by using the SPS Tracker app on their smart phone.

The SPS Tracker can track deliveryman, servicemen &, sales reps, on their route and send notifications to customers to know exactly where they are and when to expect them.

Display Management System

Display information in multi-media: audio, images, video format with Digital Signage.

Update content remotely over the web, adapt the screens to local sites and interact with local audience.

The system is designed for a user to easily configure all displays remotely, manage the displays using built-in schedulers and distribute over the web remotely.


Help-On-Call (HOC) keeps families and friends connected and safe by turning a smart phone into a personal safety device.

Whenever you, family or friends are in danger, you/they can request assistance from family members and friends who are on your/their emergency contact list.

HOC turns a smart phone into a personal safety device sending instant alerts with mobile radio technology and Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking location of the person requesting help and the person(s) responding to help.


Manage Incidents

The Incident Management mobile application allows you to quickly track and report incidents on the spot – anytime - anywhere.

The time-saving app gives system administrators and managers the ability to:

  • Track & get incident status

  • Upload evidence and documents

  • Export incident data to Excel to streamline incident reporting Incident Management app is available on mobile or web platforms and requires little user training or additional hardware.


It is an innovative safety application providing premium services for VIPs, women, senior citizens, or anyone who needs assistance by professional security guards in an emergency.

The application connects a person in need with nearby security professionals to come to their aid. The application provides real-time tracking and location visibility of the person in need and security professional.