Our Clients have

Achieved operational cost efficiencies of 8% to 10%

Reduced working capital requirements by 22%


Our clients have improved customer satisfaction by 20%


Our clients have

Improved inventory accuracy to 99.8%

Reduced freight cost by 8%

Improved labor utilization by 15%


Our specialty is in developing applications requiring advanced information technologies and mathematical optimization techniques, and to integrate data from disparate systems. Our development process ensures standards-based system architecture, code development and application integration. We develop applications both for mobile and web platforms.

  • Management Consulting Services to improve operational efficiencies and profits.
  • Software products for Enterprise Operations Planning and Execution for manufacturing, supply-chain, transportation, field services and security companies
  • Customized software solutions to meet customer-specific needs.

Our Service Areas

Custom Software Development

Our Professional Services Practice offers custom development of software solutions to meet requirements of our customers.

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ERP Development

Improve your operational planning and executing efficiencies with suitable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Application. We offer the best ERP software solutions to plan, optimize and execute operations of manufacturing, supply-chain and field services companies.

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Mobile APP Development

Let us take care of your business transactions. Our experienced team can help improve efficiency and reduce costs of your business operations.

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Management Consulting

Identify improvement opportunities. Unlock the potential!
We provide Management Consulting services for productivity improvement.

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Business Processes Management

Let us take care of your business transactions. Our experienced team can help improve efficiency and reduce costs of your business operations.

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Supply Chain Solutions

Our Supply Chain practice provides software solutions and a thorough analysis of business policies and helps bridge the gaps among business practices such as operations support, logistics, transportation, procurement and customer service.

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Mobile App Development Company providing competent App Solutions to Business issues

Our mobile app developers provide solutions that not only help in solving their problems but also help them to seize new business opportunities. The basic difference here is the standard way of doing it and other one is the mobile and faster way. We develop apps that not only transform your innovative idea to existence but also improve old-school systems with new opportunities and better business solutions.

Best Business consulting

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