Helps planners improve operational efficiency and optimize costs

  • Eliminates 'surprises' by optimizing both long and near-term plans
  • Reduces manufacturing cost by optimizing operations policies
  • Reduces distribution cost by optimizing order sourcing and carrier selection
  • Improves cash-flow by right-sizing inventory and stocking policies

The platform integrates and assimilates data from shop-floor machines and business planning functions.

LAMPS has modules from demand origination through delivery to customers. Partial list of main functionalities is below:

Demand Planning

  • Less cost
  • More speed
  • More value
  • Sourcing capacity
  • Levels of detail


  • Domestic & global pricing spreads
  • Pricing zones
  • 3rd party pricing
  • Benchmark: origin / freight


  • Monetize data & content
  • Value creation
  • Standardize process across all divisions
  • Compress time make commercial decisions
  • Plant/yard & staffing & scheduling


  • Collaborative forecasting
  • Capacity planning
  • Material requirements planning
  • Bill of material recipe optimization
  • Sales and operations planning
  • Inventory targets
  • Networks design
  • Procurement sourcing optimization


  • Inventory visibility management
  • Line scheduling
  • Labor scheduling
  • Contracts and pricing
  • Purchase order management
  • Sales order management
  • Stock transfer planning
  • Available-to-promise
  • Freight & carrier optimization
  • Shipment management
  • Claims
  • Quality
  • Integration with internet of things - RFID, GPS, Bluetooth
  • Supplier and carrier communication
  • Supply-chain tracking and visibility
  • Shop-floor data integration and internet of things
  • Embedded predictive and prescriptive analytics and dashboard